Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The coolest thing happened to me today.
I was browsing my Pinterest feed, per usual, and I noticed one of my friends pinned an outfit I had created on Polyvore. Not a re-pin mind you, but a full on she was looking at outfits and liked it so she pinned it Pin! 
An unusual compliment, but a compliment none the less! 
Polyvore is a really fun tool, something that I like to waste time with. You create outfits by browsing all kinds of stores. You get to make a cute little collage with the pieces, and it even keeps track of how much each item is. 

Here are a few outfits I have put together: 

Summer Stripes

Sparkly Wedding Guest

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness by keswoolsey 

Fun right? You can see my profile: Here
I want to see your sets!

Leave me a comment: Do you use Polyvore? What would make a great compliment to you?

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