Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Blogger Bloopers

I fired my 'Instagram Husband' last fall and while I probably should feel bad about that, we are both happier this way! I had to beg him to take a quick shot or two on our front porch on our way out. He was always less than thrilled. My cousin-in-law Chabeli has been taking my outfit photos since November, and it's so fun to work with a real photographer! She is amazing and you will continue to hear me brag on her forever. (I guest posted for her in April!)

She sends me tons of great images to use for my outfit posts, including some that I have been saving for a blooper reel! We are laughing and talking throughout all of our shoots, so many of the images are me mid belly laugh or making some kind of crazy expression in response to something she told me about her day. There is also a lot of hair fixing and lip gloss applying behind the scenes. I even had one guy want to pose with me! 

These pictures crack me up. My dad always says I never have to tell anyone what I'm thinking, because my face says it all. Everytime I see these digital albums I have to admit he's right. I post the pretty shots of me at my best angles, but these truly show my personality and how I can never do anything seriously. 

Leave a comment below if you want to see more in the future! Do these pictures ruin my blogger image? haha! 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Three Things Tag

I've so enjoyed reading some of these 'Three Things' surveys that have been floating around! Learning about other people is one of my favorite things to do, so maybe you're interested in my answers as well. (See Erica, Julie and Samantha's posts! Hi Ladies!) 

Three Things I'd Never Give Up
I can nail it down to the 3 F's : Family, Friends and my Faith! Those relationships mean the most to me and I would never want to give them up. I think I could survive without everything else.

Three Favorite Vegetables
Tomatoes, in every form. Cucumbers, for that cold crunch. & Carrots, but only when they are raw. I really should be better about eating veggies! 

Three Shows I've Watched Faithfully Till The End
Netflix has helped me cheat here, so I'll go with the shows I watched weekly on TV! LOST was something I never missed. It was actually something that Blake and I talked about the first time we met! Smallville was also something I watched every episode of, even though I started it in re-runs on ABC Family. I caught up and watched the last bit in real time. And more recently we really loved Person of Interest and watched every week until it's premature canceling. I've watched TONS on Netflix though, like Gilmore Girls and stuff like that. 

Three Places I Want To Visit In The US
I'd love to see the Pacific Northwest, specifically the Oregon coast. I've been to California, but I was only 14 and would love love love to go again. I've also seen tons of blog posts about Charleston recently and now that is definitely on the list. 

Three Places I Want To Visit Outside The US
This list is much longer than 3! My top three places to visit are Iceland (because of Kaelene's blog, it's seriously the top of my list), Scotland (accents!) and I'd like to stay in one of those resorts on the water in Fiji

Three Things I Always Have With Me
My phone, my keys and probably my wallet. That's all you really need right?

Three Things That Are Always In My Car
I try to keep my car clutter free but I'd say: extra napkins, reusable grocery bags and hand sanitizer. Because who likes to think about all the germs on gas pumps?! 

Three Most Recent Calls Were From/To
Blake, my sister Amy and Chabeli who I butt dialed. I feel like who I texted might be more revealing, because let's be real, I rarely call anybody but my husband, sister and mom. 

Three Most Often Used Makeup Products
If nothing else I definitely have on the Stila Stay All Day EyelinerTOO Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and Burt's Bees Lip Balm. I really don't wear a lot of makeup, but with blonde eyelashes, a little mascara always makes me feel a little more bright-eyed. 

Three Things That Make Me Laugh
Conversations with my niece and nephew. One is almost 3 and the other is almost 4, and they are literally SO funny. The things that are going on in their head is amazing. (Honorable mention, my other nephew who just turned 2, but he doesn't say much. He is however hysterical when he starts dancing!) Conversations with my husband. My favorite thing in the world is to make him laugh, so we are always having funny conversations. Certain shows like The Office or Arrested Development are always funny, no matter how many times I watch it.

Three Things That Make Me Cry
Whenever sad music plays. Music tugs on the heartstrings, and a well placed song can really bring on the waterworks for me! Seeing a proposal. Doesn't matter if it's on Youtube or the Bachelor, I tear up everytime. And annoyingly, anytime I get mad or embarrassed. It's a dumb involuntary response! 

Have you done this tag? Leave a link below, I'd love to read it! Leave a comment if you and I have any 3 things in common!
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Monday, May 15, 2017

A Few Snapshots From Our Latest Disney Trip!

Blake and I swore we'd never go back to Walt Disney World in May ever again, after I almost had a heat stroke one May a few years ago! We made an exception to go to the parks with my family this past weekend. It was pretty hot, but not the worst we've experienced. 

We had a great time, as usual! It's SO nice to be able to visit frequently. We never feel pressured to see and do everything in one day. I see so many stressed out families and it's nice not to be one of them. This trip was all about being with family and getting to know my brother's girlfriend. But, if we're all honest, it's all about my nephew! He's the only grandkid and everything he does is adorable. We had a blast taking him to meet Baymax and seeing Disney through his eyes! 

Here a few snapshots of our weekend! I alway intend on taking a million photos to blog about and I never succeed. I'm okay with that though, because I think that means I'm enjoying the moment! 

Hope you guys had a great weekend, and happy Monday!